Aspects affecting the cost of translation

Engaging in the choice of a translator, most potential customers first of all specify not only quality of service and the level of professional training of a specialist, but also the cost of translating documents. Today, we can say that there are several main factors affecting the process of pricing the cost of translation services.

First of all, the cost of work is affected by urgency of their execution. If you need to make urgent translation of documents, the cost can be increased several times compared to the price of the service with a standard deadline. Experts advise to carry out translation of documents in advance, but not at the very last moment, which will avoid unnecessary overpayments.

The second aspect that affects the cost of the service is the complexity and scope of work. Despite the fact that in most agencies the quotations are based on the volume of one printed sheet of A4 format, depending on the complexity of the language, the cost will vary. Thus, the cost of translating the Uzbek language will be higher than translation of the document to the European language. With regard to the scope of work, the standard will be the price of an average of five sheets per day, while if more work is to be done, the cost can double.

Also the subject matter of the source material affects the process of pricing the cost of translating documents. In this case, the most expensive is technical translation of documents, suggesting the search for additional materials for translation of technical terms and definitions.

A separate mark-up can also be made if necessary to translate confidential documents containing extremely important personal or operational information. In this situation, mark-up is a kind of guarantee of non-disclosure of the text of documents, which is also extremely important for both companies and individuals.

In an effort to increase the number of regular customers, many specialized translation companies offer impressive discounts to their customers. This allows us to solve the emerging issues on favorable terms with translation of not only documents, but also the speeches of forum participants, seminars, lectures.

In order to determine the option of cooperation, taking into account the cost of services, it is sufficient to clarify the prices for services in several agencies. Practice shows that preference should be given to average prices, because high cost is not always an indicator of quality, while a low one can indicate insufficient speed and quality of work performed.

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