Certified translation of licensing agreements

Translation of licensing agreements certified by a notary office is ordered when going abroad for study, permanent residence, for treatment or for business. If the employee of the notary’s office is proficient in the language to which translation was made, then in this case he can attest to its correctness.

For obvious reasons, this happens more as an exception, so notarized translation of license agreements understand is the legal effect of confirming the signature, that is, the identity of the translator. To perform this action, all participants of the scheme must gather in the notary’s office. It is here that the translator signs the text he has translated. The notary officer then sews the original and translated text of the document. After this, the original and translation will be impossible to separate. If a separate use of the original document is planned in the future, then its certified photocopy will be attached instead.

After the end of the binding of different language versions, the notary indicates the number of pages in the received stitching, puts the seal and his/her signature. This certifies translation of licensing agreements by a notary office, and certified documents can be submitted to the appropriate authority.

It’s necessary to pay attention to the essential feature of notarized translation of license agreements. Before certifying the translated text, the lawyer will make sure that the person who completed this work has a document on profile education, which authorizes them to engage in translation activities. Whatever subtle knowledge of the language the interpreter didn’t possess, but in the absence of a corresponding diploma, the notary office has no right to certify the documents translated by them.

All that you have now learned is the reason for making a decision to turn to real professionals — linguists of translation agencies. Only with this condition you can be calm for the fact that translation of licensing agreements will indeed be completed on time, however concise it might be. Even when a whole team of translators was recruited to speed up translation, the editor of the bureau edited their texts, so that such a scheme of labor will not reduce quality of the work performed. As a result, any documents translated by professional translators will overcome the necessary ones and will not be deployed from «halfway».

So, you can draw the inference that appealing to the translation agency of license agreements keeps their customers time, money, nerves. They don’t have to spend money on notary services and re-translation. With guaranteed quality of translation of license agreements in a translation agency, the customer doesn’t need to worry about the fact that the papers will be submitted to the receiving authority late or will not be tested there.

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