Chemical Translation of Technical Documents

In chemical industry, as in any other, there is a need for translation of technical documents, be it instructions for purchased equipment or materials for the certification of manufactured products.

Generally, Russian translation of chemical texts is always combined with any other topic and more often “chemical” or “technical” part can prevail in it. An example of “chemical translation” is any scientific works, dissertations and scientific researches. Descriptions of analysis methods, dimension of the different chemical process, for example, procedure of chemical clearance process fall into that group too. Translators of chemical texts often face a great variety of document types. Chemical translation can constitute very lengthy documents: descriptions and results of chemical testing, analysis, which are often accompanied by certificates and conclusions.

Chemical industry has to follow instructions and meet the requirements of leading industry associations. Chemical producers always produce and update patents, background documents of product safety, toxicology reports, exception reports and related documentation, which defines chemical composition and characteristics of substances. Depending on location, these documents should be translated into one or several languages and registered. In the case of documents relating to security conditions, specialists of translation services know that for technical translation it’s very important to take into account the specificities of location, for which this translation is intended. For example, instructions of product safety can be created with 8 section headings, according to OSHA standards, or with 16 section headings, according to ANSI standards. A technical translator, possessing translation experience for chemical industry, knows all subtleties of standards and in which country they’re accepted.

A translator of technical texts in chemical industry must be deeply immersed in terminology. Metal coating, processing of textile products, fiberglass, oil and gas industry, dyeing, water purification, cement and concrete, explosive substances, ceramics (inorganic chemistry) — this is a list of subjects, with which translators have to work. Technical translations in chemical industry generally include instructions of products and materials.

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