Choose the best translation agency

The selection of the bureau is a fundamental stage on the way to obtaining qualitative translation. After all, the level of competence and specialization of employees depends on how fully the request will be satisfied. How not to get confused in the variety of sentences? What should you look for first? How to choose a translation agency that is right for your task? Answers to these and other questions on the choice of the agency you can find in this article. The material contains tips and recommendations in the field of professional translation. Information will be useful not only for a narrowly focused category, but also for a wide audience of visitors.

Fields of activity of the translation agency

Provision of translation services is carried out in different directions. On the market there are companies that work with a specific language, as well as universal organizations, in the arsenal of which there is a large staff of translators of different orientations. Most agencies work in the following areas:

• written translation;
• localization;
• synchronous (oral) translation.

As a rule, most agencies offer a universal set of services, however, there are also highly specialized organizations, where one or another type of translation services is the main direction.

Reputation of the enterprise

Reputation of your chosen translation agency is one of the main selection criteria. A professional team that has long offered its services to the public carefully monitors their business image. Loyalty of clients is ensured by quality of work, timeliness and high level of competence. You should pay attention to the feedback of the company’s customers, letters of gratitude, recommendations and quality certificates. If you have a large order or you are interested in long-term cooperation, then it makes sense to talk with counterparties of the bureau and get to know their opinion personally.

Assortment of services

In order to choose the correct translation agency, you must first correctly formulate the task. After all, as already mentioned, not all agencies provide a universal set of proposals. A professional company carries out an integrated approach and works with different directions, regardless of the degree of complexity. The agency, which has been working in the segment for a long time, has a wide range of languages, as well as a stack of language pairs (for example, translation from English to Italian or from Spanish to German). The subject of translations can be the most diverse:

• medicine;
• jurisprudence;
• technical translations;
• notarial documents.

For convenience of customers, usually additional options are offered: urgent translation of the text, a good translation agency can also provide an opportunity to make an «apostille», make-up and editing of the text, confirmation of the authenticity of the material, localization and legalization of documents in accordance with current regulations and much more. And remember, the larger the bureau, the longer they will work with you. Therefore, we recommend that you choose small and medium-sized firms, in which you will receive an individual approach and operational work for your order.

Quality of the work of your chosen translation agency

High level of service has long ceased to be a privilege; it is the norm for any sphere of economic activity. Translation bureau is not an exception. Individual approach, the ability to understand and realize the client’s wishes, the ability to offer creative, quality and competent results are the basic factors reflecting the level of competence of the agency’s employees.

Rush order

To choose a translation agency for urgent orders, especially if the translated material is of a legal or medical nature, the translator should be extremely cautious.

Confidentiality of information

A professional translation bureau keeps the information base in electronic form. Software protection has several levels of complexity. Employees of the company get access only to their current tasks. The agency should also be ready to offer customers a confidentiality agreement, because hiding working information from third parties is the norm for translation organizations. In addition, the non-disclosure of commercial information is a mandatory clause of the model contract between the customer and the executor.

If you contact a well-known agency, you will not have to worry that your contact information, the contents of documents or other audio or text materials will become public information.


The choice of a translation agency at a low price is an erroneous step. A professional agency usually takes an average price range. A very affordable price should cause fears, because a competent expert appreciates his knowledge and time, and only newcomers or fraudsters are deliberately reducing the cost.

Formation of the agency’s pricing policy takes place in accordance with market trends and work features. A flexible and reasonable system allows not only to work efficiently and maintain a staff of qualified specialists, but also to find compromise and mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation with customers.

Search and selection of translation bureaus via the Internet

Advertising through the World Wide Web has long been an effective marketing tool. Any major agency has a site in the network. If you focus your attention on information on the Internet, then choosing a company, pay attention to the design of the site. Presence of an individual design, competent text support, observance of professional terminology, thoughtful and simple navigation is another plus to the rating of the organization.

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