Correspondence Translation

Correspondence is very useful, because interlocutors have time to analyze replies of each other and think over their own answers. At the same time, an interlocutor must choose such an answer that will eliminate all the demands to take his or her words back. In other words, letters or fax creation is a responsible process. The same situation is observed concerning translation of these documents.

Even in the age of high technologies with a quick Internet connection, there are a lot of cases when people need to translate a letter. The simplest example is a situation that can be faced by everyone, when someone needs to order rare goods from a foreign online marketplace or a private salesman. In most cases, of course, clients must only fill out an order form, but a correspondence can appear to elaborate some additional details. In their terms, different language programs are not able to adequately translate correspondence, that is why there is a flagrant necessity to hire a live translator.

The situation becomes more difficult, when one needs to translate business correspondence. Dealing with such a correspondence, a translator must understand that he or she bears a serious responsibility – to render a content of every letter and fax into a foreign language without adding or omitting any information. It results in the fact that this translation takes more time in comparison with interpretation of the same materials.

Peculiarities of Correspondence Translation

This kind of translation requires from linguistic specialists not only to have perfect knowledge of a foreign language but also be familiar with main clichés and set phrases accepted in the modern society. Also, they must be knowledgeable about main terminology that is in use in a particular framework of reference as well as perform a professional translation within short time frames. As a default, all the translation services are provided with observance of privacy. It means that nobody except for translators will know details of the correspondence. If clients want, they may conclude confidentiality agreements with a translation firm. One more peculiarity is a short volume of documents and limited time of their translation.

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