Court Translation

Court translation from English into Russian is a translation of judicial documents and speeches of trial participants, who do not speak fluently the language of proceedings. A main specific feature of the court translation is a precise terminology and special rules of texts creating. A court translator will be useful for clients, if he or she is a person not otherwise involved, knows perfectly the foreign language, and is familiar with niceties of legal profession in general. It is our translation firm that has all the necessary resources to adequately perform your orders for translation.

Our firm has been rendering the services of court translation for a long time. Our team is a team of highly-educated court translators with a rich experience in a lot of government agencies. Professional and experienced linguists perform the highly-qualified translation of any judicial document. Each of them has appropriate knowledge to prepare such official documents for a court system as records, sentences, indictments, court decisions, cassation petitions, international appointments, as well as legal claims. That is why every judicial and investigative document is translated quickly and without any mistakes, in accordance with all the statutory standards.

The court translation costs in our firm are relatively inexpensive, but, on no account, it does not imply a poor quality of target texts. A strong reputation of a large and reliable translation firm we strain after leaves no room for mistake. In fact, this room must always be absent, if we speak about court documents, investigative practice, and other important legal papers. Any incorrectness can result in serious troubles and legal liability, which means that the assistance of a professional linguist is just obligatory to translate documents for court or other governmental bodies. Our employees represent a coordinated team that increases the efficiency of the result, leading to shorter terms, less amount of money, and improves the quality of target texts.

So, if you need to translate any judicial document at a reasonable price and within a reasonable time, our translation company is the best variant for this task.

Sarah Allen, England

You can safely choose Russian Translation Services. I got qualitative translation of my very difficult text.

Andrew Smith, England

No one company agreed to translate my text on endocrinology. Thanks to Russian Translation Services I did it well and in time.