Development of Audio and Video Translation

The list of services in a translation bureau wouldn’t be complete without translations of audio and video materials.

High-quality audio and video translation involves knowledge of a number of nuances, requires a lot of experience and attention. For this work in a office, experts with excellent listening skills and the ability to correctly interpret information are selected.

The whole process of translation from audio and video sources consists of several stages. The first is transcription or conversion of speech from source to a text. A text form opens more opportunities for further use of information — it serves as a basis for further scoring, dubbing or reprinting.

Getting started on any order, translation services:

• attract only experienced, qualified translators;
• choose a specialist who is familiar with specific topics;
• convert and translate in the shortest, but sufficient for high-quality work terms.

Completed translation is subject to mandatory editorial checks, which eliminates mistakes and becomes another guarantee of an excellent result.

Translate an audio recording from/to a foreign language

The Internet has made accessible an easy and fast exchange of audio recordings. And it’s not just music files. Records of lectures, seminars, courses, presentations, speeches are steadily high demand. Such audio recordings are used to disseminate information in a different language environment — for self-education, for groups of students, for employees of enterprises interested in a particular topic.

Audio translation

A translation agency carries out translation from audio carriers. This service enjoys high and constantly growing demand, because it’s in demand by representatives of the advertising, educational and other spheres. With help of this service, customers receive professional translation of presentations, speeches, lectures, reports, lessons and other foreign materials.

Types of media and files

Translation is carried out from such carriers as:

• audio cassettes;
• audio tracks from VHS video cassettes;
• digital CD, VCD, DVD, Blu-Ray formats;
• digital audio files in such formats as MP3, AAC, WMA and others.

In addition, this service can be used to translate audio tracks available on all sorts of Internet hosting.

Difficulties of translation

Translation from audio in a professional environment is considered one of the most difficult. Its implementation requires a performer both thorough knowledge of a foreign language and deep listening skills. In addition, a translator must accurately translate a material.

Stages of work

The first stage of translation from audio is transcription or decoding of speech. At this stage, all audio material is converted into text. This allows you to translate more accurately and thoughtfully.

A customer can order a separate transcription service. For example, to create subtitles.

The second stage is translation of a text document.

Also at the request of a customer it’s possible to sound a translated material. It’s produced by a professional announcer. Also for scoring actors can be involved.

Translation of videos

Yes, in the modern world, information is of paramount importance, but only that which is understood by the bulk of people. That’s why the demand for translation services is growing every year. After all, their job is to bring information into a format that will be available to every resident of a particular country.

But banal translation of words is only a small part of the task. The main difficulty of such work is to convey the meaning, subtexts, the meaning of wordplay and other subtleties, which aren’t always understandable to a foreign recipient of information. And the only way to convey all of this is to attract to translation professionals with experience and deep knowledge.

A translation agency offers translation services from video carriers. All translators of translation services are experienced specialists, so excellent result can be guaranteed.

If you want to translate a video, a bureau takes information on the following types of media:

• VHS video cassettes;
• VCD video discs;
• DVD;
• Blu-ray.

Video for translation is accepted in both analogue and digital formats (for example, AVI, MPEG4, MKV and others). Also translation from online hosting is possible. For example, from YouTube, Vimeo, RuTube and others.


To ensure the highest quality of translation, information from a video medium must be deciphered. For this purpose, after repeated fragmentary listening, it’s typed in a text form. And only then a specialist begins to translate the resulting transcript.

Working with a text allows you to more accurately and thoroughly translate each word, pay more attention to accents, subtext, wordplay.

After that, a translated text is offered to a customer for review. This stage is extremely important, because a customer almost always has special knowledge, which makes it possible to evaluate quality of translation, understandability and accuracy of the terms, expressions and turns used in it.

And only after completion of joint finalization, translation is considered completed.

An additional service is also available to a customer — a voice-over of a translated text and sound overlay on a video file.

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