Difficulties in Translation of Operational Procedures Documents

Translation of operational procedures documents is a subset of technical translation, in which a set of documentation for implementation of various, often construction projects involving foreign companies, is translated from English to Russian or vice versa. Often this type of translation is required to obtain a work permit.

This complex task requires strict adherence to a large number of norms in the paperwork, stylistics and application of a terminology. For a translator to perform it effectively, it’s important to have extensive knowledge in various fields of science and production, because such documentation, as a rule, covers several stages of a project: preparatory work, procurement and financial part of a project.

Translation of operational procedures documents usually contains the following information:

• translation of the list of technical components (materials, technical characteristics of engineering systems);
• translation of the transportation method, instructions for the use of loading and unloading equipment;
• translation of administrative procedures (a review of requests, work schedules, list of managers and responsible persons).

When there is a need to translate the documents of operational procedures, as well as the stage of preparing a project — either from English to Russian or vice versa — then the use of domestic electronic and paper dictionaries doesn’t help very well, moreover — almost always adds difficulties. The vast majority of the proposed translation options are contradictory, ambiguous and vague, and often there are simply no options.

An algorithm for efficient translation of operational procedures documents

For effective translation of operational procedures documents, there is the algorithm, and it’s developed based on experience of many qualified translators of modern times. The algorithm is composed of the following items:

• an analysis of several foreign standards in the field of terminology of operational procedures;
• evaluation of the translation options of this terminology to Russian with help of Russian electronic and paper dictionaries;
• a research of similar terminology in normative documentation in Russian;
• comparison of foreign and domestic terms with help of correspondence tables.

Features of translation of operational procedures documents

The difficulties that are usually dealt with by a qualified translator who translates operational procedures include their considerable amount, the requirement to withstand the unity and clarity of terminology, to beware of information satiety, the need for a logical and structured presentation of data. Along with text specifications, such documentation often includes various schemes, tables and drawings. It imposes additional obligations on a translator in the form of skills in working with files of different extensions, including the ability to format them.

Our translation agency has a staff of professional editors and translators who have additional technical education or work experience in the required field, as well as the practice of translation of operational procedures that allows performing qualitatively the most complex tasks in this field.

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