Features of Documents Translation for Immigration

Despite love of the majority of Russians to their homeland, the best living conditions are a great temptation, and therefore the term «immigration» today sounds quite often. Canada is especially popular as a new haven for our compatriots. Because of the large influx of migrants, the government of the country even tightened the entry requirements, and now it’s necessary to approach the issues of notarial translation of documents more carefully, the price of lack of translation can be a refusal in permission for immigration.

Among Russians, Canada has been heading the list of the most popular countries for emigration from native lands for several years now. There are many reasons for this: for example, the similarity of the climatic conditions of Canada and Russia is an important factor. In addition, the social sphere is well-developed in the country: medical services are free of charge, and for all sections of the population there are many different benefits. Finally, immigrants are attracted by the good education system, high level of security and stable wages.

If we add to the aforesaid the proximity of the United States and the possibility of obtaining dual citizenship after three years of residence, it becomes clear why the number of people wishing to go to Canada is constantly growing.

Notarized translation of documents — the price of successful undertakings

Depending on a program on which an immigrant is going to enter the country, the list of necessary documents and the order of consideration of an application may vary. However, information about each applicant is necessarily assessed on a point scale, and for all provided papers, it’s required to perform notarized translation of documents, a price and value of which in this case are incommensurable.

In first case, it’s about affixing candidate points on a number of criteria. Experts assess an age, education, work experience, well-being, knowledge of foreign languages, the availability of an invitation to work, and even the ability to adapt in a foreign country. For example, the highest score can be received by applicants under the age of 49 years — holders of a master’s degree with a total length of study of 17 years, fluent in English and French; also the chances are high for specialists who have worked in the required specialties for more than 4 years.

With respect to documents, there is a strict requirement for the form of submission: all papers attached to an application must be translated to either French or English. At the same time, notarized translation of documents is necessary, so that the papers issued in Russia have legal force abroad. Depending on a program chosen by an applicant, you may need:

• an identification card;
• photos;
• medical certificates;
• certificates of criminal record;
• documents on education;
• certificates reflecting civil status;
• documents proving the length of employment;
• documents characterizing welfare and availability of funds on the current account;
• an invitation to work;
• certificates of proficiency in relevant foreign languages;
• documents for children.

Important point: competent execution of documents

To cope alone with such a large-scale task as moving to another country is almost impossible, therefore immigrants try to contact specialized agencies. At least, the use of professional help is worthwhile for notarized translation of documents.

The price of translation services in English or French doesn’t differ much in different companies, but the level of competence of specialists can be incommensurable. Therefore, the main tasks of a future immigrant should include a search for a translation bureau that can offer really competent paperwork and guarantee the absence of mistakes, oversights and inaccuracies in it.

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