Features of translation of birth certificates

A birth certificate is one of the most important documents in a person’s life, by which state confirms the fact of birth registration; its translation is one of the most popular services today, provided by the translation market. This is reasoned by the fact that a translated birth certificate is necessarily required when contacting embassies and consulates of other countries, for example, to obtain a visa. Translation of a birth certificate is an important procedure since this document confirms not only the fact of birth, but also the place and date of birth, nationality, gender and kinship. Translation of certificates is often required for citizenship applications, residence permits; to migration services and other government institutions in different cases; when child travels abroad, for example, to study, for medical treatment or for a Schengen visa.

A translator has a great responsibility in this case – this job is a part of the paperwork process, where a glitch at any stage can impede all progress in this area. Any misstep, incorrect word or typo may lead to border-crossing of another state or the issuance of a visa being refused. Specialists have to not just correctly translate a document, they must take into account working paper standards of state, in which children are going. So, therefore, the choice of Russian translation services with great experience and good reputation has to be a priority for each parent. Only professional translators, which perform high-quality translation in clear time-bound, work with certificates.

Russian translation services guarantee full translation of the birth certificate text from both sides and translation of the text inside printings and stamps, maintaining the original document structure. The writing of name and surname is agreed upon with the client. Many names have different ways of writing in foreign languages. But still writing has to coincide in all documents (for example, in the international passport and certificate). That’s why this moment needs to be agreed in order to avoid divergences. Of necessity, notarization of a translated birth certificate is carried out.

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