Features of Video and Audio Materials Translation

In their everyday activities companies and private individuals sometimes face the necessity of a transcript of video or audio materials and their subsequent translation. This need might arise for the convening of a conference, meetings at the round table, interactive shows, spacebridges, in the processing of marketing materials, publishing of an audiobook, training programs, providing training courses, publication of an interview in periodicals, for court sessions and in many other cases.

Then you’ll need help of professional translators, which perform a transcript of source material and provide qualitative written translation or interpretation and also if necessary, simultaneous interpretation. Translation services offer translation of video and audio materials from English to Russian.

This type of translation constitutes a form of interpretation and written translation, in which work is carried out in several stages.
1. A transcript of the audio track.

At this stage, there are viewing, listening to the original video and/or audio material and transcript is prepared. And at the same time, all information is written in text format in the original language.

2. Written translation of an original text to the required language.
Written translation is performed by a qualified professional translator, consideration being given to the thematic direction of translation, its specifics and complexity.

During subsequent stages, necessary work with translated materials is implemented: sound recording of translation in audio format is produced. Also it’s important that work should be performed with high-quality equipment, technical characteristics of which allow excluding the possibility of sound distortion, and voice work has to be performed by a professional translator or speaker, and only then, if necessary, overlay of translated and articulated version with the original video is executed.

We perform translation of

Video materials

• films (feature, documentary, animated, cartoons);
• videos;
• training programs;
• seminars;
• commercials;
• video materials from websites;
• multimedia presentations;
• flash presentations;
• video instructions;
• demos of equipment installation.

Audio materials

• audio books;
• training programs;
• seminars and lecture;
• master-classes;
• songs, poems;
• Interviews;
• literary works;
• radio commercials;
• news;
• audio recordings from court proceedings.

Andrew Smith, England

No one company agreed to translate my text on endocrinology. Thanks to Russian Translation Services I did it well and in time.

John Moore, USA

Many thanks for your passion, good job and desire to help people! My case was very urgent but you solved it without any problems.