High-quality Translation of Video Games

Translation services offer a complete localization cycle from preparation of resources, translation and recording to testing and localization of an installation package.

Files of any format

We work with lokkits in XML, HTML, Excel formats and even just with sets of txt-files in strict compliance with coding and maintaining all of the variables. The only condition is the presence of sufficient context in order to be able to perform meaningful translation. In this case, you will pay only for the actual amount of translation, excluding all tags and proprietary information.

Translations from English to Russian are made only by qualified translators.

In addition to knowledge of terminology, video games require a high level of stylization, at the level of translation of fiction. Translation of this class requires a combination of two completely independent skills – language proficiency and high-level translation skills. Therefore, for localization to foreign languages we select not just good translators, but only those, who combine these qualities.

Translation process with end-to-end quality control

Before sending to the client, any translation passes through a multilevel quality control system, including the use of third-party tools for assessment of translation quality (for example, LISA QA model and SAE for technical translation) and our own methods, including ranking of translation quality assessment system. Thus, only translation of the highest quality is sent to a customer.

Game glossaries and continuity

The bigger the game world, the greater a need for glossaries — only it will ensure consistency of terminology, without which gameplay is, in the best case, irritating because of constant variances of names, and, in the worst case, (for example, in games with open world) is seriously complicated. We give a priority to glossaries, and if we continue the famous franchise, we will take into account already existing terminology from the previous installments.

Graphics and Fonts

In addition to the unique services offered by our company, we also provide an adaptation of the game font (adding the Cyrillic alphabet while fully preserving the style of the Latin) and redrawing of the graphic interface elements that contain a text (including alpha channel). We work with fonts in TTF, OTF formats, using FontLab and other professional font packages, perform kerning and hinting.

Localization of video games from our professional translation services:

• assembly and dismantling of resources;
• translation, editing and proofreading of texts;
• professional dubbing direction;
• for games series: compliance with established terminology, style and continuity of heroes’ voices;
• glossaries of gaming realities and personal names;
• end-to-end control of terminology and translation quality;
• direct work in Xloc, LocDirect etc .;
• selection and redrawing of the font: TTF, OTF, texture;
• redrawing of graphics;
• layout guidelines;
• localization of websites relating to the game.

Sarah Allen, England

You can safely choose Russian Translation Services. I got qualitative translation of my very difficult text.

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My company was a pleasure to work with RTS. Today not every website is able to provide with such good services in time and cost effective.