High-quality translation to Russian for IT experts

Today, the field of information technologies and telecommunications is one of the most rapidly developing fields. It keeps changing and covers almost all industry, science and economic activity directions. And in addition, lifestyle of modern man cannot be imagined without it. Through the high pace of development of this field, companies always need to exchange experience, information and knowledge between professionals and also work closely with developers in this field, including developers from other countries.

Translation services in the field of information technologies and telecommunications are the most demanded and topical for Russian companies at the moment.

The most common documents for translation in this field are:

• guides for software users;
• service and application of hardware systems manuals;
• maintenance instructions of various devices and applications;
• translation of technical equipment descriptions etc.;
• presentations and promotional materials;
• technical projects of the localization of software;
• business papers;
• letters;
• reports;
• articles;
• normative and other documents.

Information technologies are that part of human activity in which innovations always happen, new inventions are implemented and discoveries are made. In that regard, IT translation to Russian is complicated by integration of new terms, which experienced linguist has to understand and apply correctly in the text. These documents can contain «IT slang», which must be adapted to the reader. The resulting texts should be equivalent to the original. That’s why one of the specific features of IT translation is the necessity for translation specialists to have not only the required level of language proficiency, but also the knowledge of terminology in the IT field. In addition, translation in this field is specific owing to the lack of common standards of special terms translation and also ongoing updating of terminology database.

After agreement of time frame, terminology and other features of project, a team of specialists with extensive experience in translation of IT-texts, who are proficient in the language and sectorial terminology, is selected. And if necessary, text is imposed, so you can finally get a completed document, executed by all the rules and IT-specifics.

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