Hire a Professional Translator to Enter a University Abroad

The decision to receive quality education abroad demonstrates a purposeful and strong-willed applicant’s character. That kind of person can bravely look to the future and use every opportunity, which life offers. Attending the prestigious university is a good start to get a qualified specialty and successful career development. If potential students have already found and determined the purpose of admission and study for themselves, now it’s necessary to provide all their certificates, diplomas and reports, translated from English to Russian and notarized, to the admissions office. Who applicant can trust with this complicated process? Translators of translation services have extensive experience in translation of documents necessary for admission to the university, nostrification and quick delivery of these documents to the right address.

Admission to foreign higher education

Terms of admission to foreign universities of different directions and different countries differ notably from each other, including formal requirements. But in any case, documents have to be translated properly and paperwork has to be done neatly. Specialists of translation services have great experience in translation and paperwork of that kind of documents.

The main papers for entry to university

It is necessary to review the requirements of higher education institutions for affixing an apostille on all of the educational documentation in the Ministry of Education before a student decides to seek assistance from translators of translation services. And also it’s required to clarify the need for notarization of a translated diploma, certificate and motivation letter. Or probably general certification of documents with a stamp by a translation agency would be good for university? Because of that, it will be possible to save some time for yourself and people, who will be responsible for preparation of translation, and also save money spent on a «double work». Why «double»? Because not everyone knows what an apostille is and that it’s affixed in a foreign language, translation of which should also be present with diploma translation.

School certificates. If graduates from school want to continue their education abroad, they need to provide their school certificate with translation to Russian or English (or other languages) and also comply with the requirements described above.

Diploma and Diploma Supplement. For graduate student this is the main document, which any university will require, without exception. When preparing, specific attention should be given to it. It’s necessary to clarify whether an apostille or notarization is required or not and what a grades system is supposed to be there since every country has its own system. But usually our grades system is fine for most of universities: excellent, good, satisfactory etc. And the new diplomas standard with credit-module grade system contains a grade point average and international grades. In 90% of cases, notarization of diploma translation is required, in 50% cases – an apostille and notarization, less often – only translation and certification with a stamp by a translation agency.

Teachers’ recommendations. They are very rare in requirements and made more freely with a teacher’s signature and stamp of the department or university. If students graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages, they can ask for a recommendation in a foreign language, which will make an application process easier.

Kevin Lechner, Belgium

I sent a big term paper and did not expect such a quick reply with the ready term paper in Russian!

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Many thanks for your passion, good job and desire to help people! My case was very urgent but you solved it without any problems.