How to Avoid Mistakes in Translations?

When ordering technical translation, be sure to take time to discuss the details. Quality can’t be random, and even though the results really depend on a translator, a customer also plays a significant role here.

Don’t attach priority importance for a price

Buying a car at a low price, most likely, you don’t build high hopes on it and expect praise and envy from acquaintances. Technical translation is also unlikely to bring you excitement with its impeccable quality, if you pay for it an openly low price. Distract briefly from a price question and ask a translator about his/her professional experience, recommendations, assess how high his/her interest in your project. If you have any doubts about an executer, try to find another one. In the field of translation there are many experienced professionals.

If the proposed tariff is too low, be suspicious, because translation of a specialized text is a complex task that requires knowledge, experience and painstaking work with background information. A person who can do it well knows the value of such work.

Don’t put translation on a waiting list

Don’t create a situation in which a translator will have to work on your project in a hurry: most likely, this will negatively affect quality of translation. Reasonable deadlines for doing work are beneficial to both parties.

Estimate the timing based on the fact that for a day one translator translates about 2000 words. If a text is simple, then their number can grow up to 6000. If in your text there are more than 100 000 words, don’t count on fast execution of an order. In such a situation, you can, of course, attract a group of translators, but unification of the work in the last stage will take some time, which you don’t have.

Prepare a technical assignment

Do you think you just need to transfer a text to the hands of a translator and wait calmly for the result? No. The final result depends on your technical requirements in a great extent. What is indicated in the terms of reference? We will tell you:

• specify the deadline for a project;
• write down a cost of work, the possibility of adjustments;
• specify a desired format of a destination file;
• describe what amounts you expect to see at the end;
• specify which language option will be more preferable for you — for example, British or American English;
• list the entire list of works on a project: translation, editor correction, editing, unification and so on.

Even if your project fell into the hands of a qualified translator from a trusted translation agency, this is not a guarantee that you will be satisfied with their work, because linguistics is an inaccurate science, and translation isn’t a mathematical task. If the result are good enough for you, you can safely entrust the same performer more serious volumes.

Take care of feedback

Be sure to find out which contact person will keep in touch with you after placing your translation order. In the process, one of the parties may have clarifications and corrections. Without prompt feedback, it will be problematic to take them into account.

Be attentive to the details

Take note of the little things. For example, when translating, differences in metric systems, writing of calendar values, and everything like that must be taken into account.

Also keep in mind that translation of a text is usually longer than a source. This rarely matters, but if you need to fit it into a booklet or a web-site page, the amount of a text can be important.

Be sure of conducting proofreading

Proofreading is an obligatory stage of the working process. It must be performed by a specialist who has the time, skills and qualifications for such work. It will be fine if it’s a native speaker with an understanding of the activities of a company-customer.

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