How to save time and money on translation of visa documents

You can save money and time (and time is sometimes very critical) on translation of visa documents. Of course, translation agencies are already familiar with all of «tricks», so this article is more aimed at people who first apply for a visa.

So, let’s get down to business.

The list of necessary documents varies depending on the country, but often it is documents proving the identity of the citizen, his solvency, permission/invitation to leave, ensuring that they have where and for what to live abroad.

Tip № 1: Collect all the spellings of the name (according to the passport or previous translations), addresses, names of places of work or study in English (most firms and educational institutions have websites where English sections are found). Provide this information to the translation agency manager at once, in order to avoid the re-modification of all these names in already prepared translation.

Tip № 2: To confirm the solvency most people provide an account statement with a display of transactions for at least 3 calendar months preceding the application for the opening of a visa. This is one of the most «expensive» in translation costs of documents.

Here you can save a lot and simply copy the credit card (from both sides), translate it and attach a check from the ATM that displays the balance of the card to it. By the way, the check can also not be translated, but immediately printed out in English.

This will be enough if you have an international card (on the map there should be a photo and your name with a surname).

Tip № 3: Even more expensive than translation of account statements is translation of a contract of sale or gift of real estate. In addition to the high cost, most likely, you will also face the problem of the term of making translation. These agreements are voluminous and may increase the period for translation of a package of documents for 1-2 days.

But this can be avoided by ordering a so-called «partial translation». The interpreter will simply select the necessary blocks and translate only them (an important note: it is better to contact a translation agency for a partial translation, rather than to exclude the paragraphs of the contract independently). It is enough to translate information about the subject of the contract, who, to whom, on what grounds the property transferred, etc. As a result, some blocks of the contract fall out of translation, what saves both time and translation costs.

Tip № 4: As confirmation that you have a place to live, you need translation of the rental contract abroad. It can be not translated, and agree with the issuer to provide it with duplication in two languages. To do this, simply provide the full name of the passport, its series and number with other details in the required language (if you want, you can show an example of such an agreement).

Tip № 5: Often embassy officials say that translations must be certified accordingly. But there are 2 types of assurance: notarial and corporate.

If, in the first case, notary services and corresponding payment are required, the second need simple prints by the translation agency and filling short information about the translator (which in turn is usually free of charge).

Specify at the receiving side immediately, what kind of reassurance is needed. Do not be reinsured, assuring «just in case» at the notary. In very frequent cases it is enough simply to get a print by a translation agency.

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