How Transcription Services can Expand Business Potential?

Everyone knows that many companies make audio recordings of important meetings and appointments. Here it’s worth mentioning voice recorders with the function of converting speech to a text: such devices aren’t very widely used for objective reasons. The fact is that the programs fix absolutely all sounds (off-topic telephone conversation, requests to move the chair, rotate the screen, etc.). Because of this, the output is a text with a huge amount of unnecessary information. In addition, the programs aren’t able to recognize all the words in an audio recording (like a person, but more about this later).

Therefore, in the overwhelming majority of cases, it’s required to «decrypt» (or transcribe) an audio recording manually. Work is routine and time-consuming — you need to be extremely attentive and be able to print quickly to record oral speech. Therefore, entrepreneurs often resort to professional transcription services. Services that are provided by a qualified transcriptor are listed below.

Additional content for a web-site

If your business has a web-site or representation on social networks, you can always maintain its fillability without involving a specialist copywriter in a profile. To do this, it’s enough to say a required text to the recorder and transmit a transcript. A transcriptor will write a speech, edit a text and send materials ready for publication. It’s much faster than typing and cheaper than paying a professional copywriter.

Product Information

The use of the service is very effective when you are preparing to release a new product or service to the market. Formulate the desired: on the recorder, by phone or other similar service. And while you are coming from the house to the office, a transcriptor will provide you with a text.

Product Reviews

People are more willing to leave feedback if they know that they can do this in audio or video format. After all, it’s much more convenient and faster than typing. But very few people are interested listening to such files. It’s more comfortable to read. Give one the opportunity to speak out, and others — to read the printed version of a review.

Protocols of virtual meetings

The age of computerization made it possible to hold meetings virtually. But a human is an imperfect creature and can’t always attend a meeting. In order to enter a missing case, you can record a conversation, give it to a transcriptor and get a written record. This form of submission is easier, if it’s necessary, you can refer to a protocol for the right bit of information. Well, also no one has canceled the usual formal reporting yet.

Translation of a voice mail to a text

There are always times when you can’t be in touch. A voice mail in this case can save, but listening to audio files isn’t always convenient. But if you receive them in the form of text messages, it’s convenient.

Technologies move on, so it’s always useful to have a transcript that will, if necessary, provide content for its further implementation in new formats.

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