Importance of Marketing Translation for Business

Success of business in the modern world depends on many factors. Among them, a special place is taken by marketing and qualified translation of marketing materials. Whether it’s a national company or transnational corporation, it’s extremely important for it to have effective and targeted marketing strategies. This approach to the organization of business is relevant for all entrepreneurs, in whatever country they’re operating.

The case when an enterprise makes a decision on entering foreign markets isn’t an exception. In this case, its management should clearly realize that in the world market it will have to face very high competition. Therefore, newcomers who take their products or services to the global market need to prepare well and identify all of their competitive advantages.

Given that foreign markets have to deal with a different language and different mentality, it’s important for exporters to conduct a thorough investigation of the target market. It’s necessary to study well a local culture, customs, traditions, holidays, literature, history, modern life, preferences, antipathies and other significant factors that can influence the choice of marketing strategy. After all, it’s not uncommon for a strategy that’s very effective in one region to be completely inappropriate for another. Naturally, such a study is simply impossible without knowledge of a foreign language.

Moreover, for the organization of effective target marketing a company needs qualified translation of marketing information to a local language. In this case, we can talk about translation of such materials as presentations, catalogs, brochures, flyers, advertisements, etc. To adapt such texts taking into account mentality of the target audience, retaining an initial message of their author, only qualified specialists with necessary experience and skills are able to do so, as well as native speakers who are sensitive to a language. Therefore, it’s better to assign such responsible and complex work to specialized agencies.

Linguocultural adaptation of marketing materials

Marketing translation is perhaps the most creative of all types of translation. Here you can’t perform literal translation. This process requires specialists not only to have good knowledge of a language and the basics of marketing. Here, the sense of a language, knowledge of local realities and transfer of the slightest nuances are important in such a way that the conceived message of an advertising message reaches a potential consumer and has desired effect.

In this sense, accuracy of translation of marketing materials implies not technically accurate transfer of the meaning of a source text in strict accordance with the meaning of the words contained in it, but transfer of some idea, the concept underlying an adapted advertising text. The choice of words in the target language can be quite different from an original, because literal translation can simply «ruin» the entire original idea and in this form an advertisement won’t have impact on the target audience that a source text has. Therefore, for example, when translating presentations or slogans, a linguist should pay special attention to local linguistic and cultural characteristics. Indeed, not without reason, along with marketing translation, more often such terms as linguocultural adaptation, creative adaptation, pragmatic adaptation, creative translation, localization, internationalization are often used. The meaning of all these terms is that the essence of a message is highlighted and recreated in another language, taking into account the cultural characteristics of the target group, its background knowledge, previous experience, mental state.

Only if this condition is met, a linguist will be able to translate an advertising catalog or presentation in such a way that the result of their work will have a profound effect on a potential client, will affect their feelings, cause a certain emotional reaction and will lead to some actions.

It’s clear that the immediate developers of the marketing text and the specialists of a translation bureau can only presumably foresee potential effect of this text on people. But one thing is certain: a qualified linguist should have the same background knowledge that native speakers have. This will avoid obvious and major mistakes in adaptation of advertising texts, of which history knows a lot.

For this reason, specialists involved in translation of marketing documents should pay close attention to such details. Objectively speaking, it’s impossible to know all the realities of another country without living in it and not being immersed in it. Therefore, it’s desirable that marketing translation is performed by a native speaker. Moreover, such an expert should be kind of creative. They should always remember that translated marketing information should cause a sense of trust in a potential customer to a product or services offered to them.

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