Important Interaction between Translators and Migration Agents

Migration agents are skilled professionals, owning the latest information in the field of immigration laws and procedures.

Today, migration agents need to execute a lot of paperwork to help clients with immigration and work abroad. As a rule, each embassy has a standard list of documents, including the documents on education, proof of work experience and a police clearance certificate. In some cases, the standard list of documents can be extended with additional certificates to meet the country’s requirements for immigration. In that case, if a person selects the country – a participant of the Hague Convention, it’s necessary to put apostille on documents. For immigration to other countries a person will need legalization of documents in Russia and notary or consular certified translations.

Very often paperwork requires translation to a foreign language. In this case, a migration agent can take advantage of professional translation services.

When a migration agent may need translation services

It’s believed that you should think about hiring a qualified Russian translator in the following cases:

• when applying for a permanent visa;
• when applying for a temporary visa, leading to a permanent visa;
• if a visa requires sponsorship;
• if the circumstances of applicant’s case is quite complicated;
• if you need to translate the documents of identity and civil status (translation of passports, marriage or divorce certificates, translation of a birth or death certificate and other similar documents);
• if you need to translate the documents on education (diploma translation, student’s record-book, certificates and other documents);
• if you need to translate other documents, such as driver’s license, consent for an under-aged child to travel abroad, permissions, power of attorney, certificates, etc.

You can also use translation services in the following situations:

1. You need help of a qualified specialist, who knows the immigration laws, for correct visa application in a foreign language;
2. You need to consult with a professional translator to determine optimal translation of immigration documentation, but you prefer to perform visa application process by your own;
3. You know exactly what type of visa is needed and you can prepare it yourself, but before applying to the Department of Immigration/Embassy, you want to have it checked by a translator.

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