In What Cases Translation for the Embassy is Necessary?

Many citizens, sooner or later, turn to embassies with various questions. It can be both for obtaining a visa, continuing education abroad and for filing documents for permanent residence.

In all these cases it’s necessary to provide different types of documents – from copies of a passport to a state of bank accounts. Almost all documents that will be submitted to embassies or consulates need to be translated into a official language of a country of this embassy. We offer translation of documents for the embassy, using translation services.

Don’t underestimate such a process as translation of official documentation for submission to the embassy. Employees of these organizations are often very pedantic and check literally every character of a translated text. So the presence of inconsistencies (for example, incorrect transliteration when translating a passport or certificate) is unacceptable. Otherwise, the consulate refuses consular certification of the submitted documents, and it will be necessary to prepare the documents again.

Now it’s necessary to submit the translated documents to the embassies in the following cases.

1. For the legalization of documents in the consulate. In all countries that require consular legalization of documents, when they are submitted to the embassy you need translation. There are also a number of countries that, in addition to apostilled documents, require additional certification of documents in the consulate.

2. To apply for a visa. Usually, with this action, you need to collect a sufficient number of different documents and provide it with originals and translated notarized copies.

Our translators are real professionals in the market of translation services and whatever complexity an original text was, with its translation, special attention is always paid to such moments as:

• preservation of style features of the document;
• the use of special legal terminology;
• application of clichés and turnovers accepted in legal practice;
• exclusion of phrases having a dual interpretation;
• compliance with established rules for legal documentation.

Only the most experienced translators, who know the legal subject well, always work with legal documentation.

In the field of document translation, as in any other, mistakes in preparation of documentation can be very expensive. Therefore, we advise you to resort to translation services. We cooperate only with qualified translators; we support proper quality of translation of documents and take into account all the wishes of a client.

Jennifer Morel, Australia

I was impressed by quality and speed of this Service. It is unreal, but it is truth.

Laura Butler, Ireland

RTS was helpful when I almost lost a hope to get a visa. Simultaneously, the price-list is enough democratic one!