Instructions Translation

Translation of any instruction is an integral part of a technical translation. As for the translation of installation instructions, these documents are faced almost by every translator. It is not a secret that the quality of translated materials directly influences understanding of a product by clients and general reputation of a manufacturing company.

Specialists of our translation firm have translated a lot of different instructions from English into Russian. We translate materials for the most famous world companies that produce technical equipment and provide maintenance services. Our firm has developed a great reputation at the global market, and our works are implicitly accepted by the most companies, which indicates a perfect quality of our translation services.

The translation of installation instructions is our main specialty in the given sphere. Our translators deal with different kinds of instructions: from conveyor line to pipe line instructions. The translation of setup instructions represents a well-adjusted process in the company. Such documents are translated only by groups of specialists who focus on the given subject of source materials. Another kind of instructions here is repair instructions, translation of which is a very popular service ordered by clients in our days. These instructions embrace equipment from different fields of industry and are translated by translators with a perfect experience.

Before the start of every large project that implies the translation of installation instructions, translators create a separate glossary that will improve the quality of a target text and unify the terminology in a text. Also, such a glossary speeds up the execution time of an order.

After translation, every work is read and checked by qualified editors, who eliminate all the mistakes and misprints and improve the general quality of a target text. You can connect one of our managers who will answer to all your questions and provide you with additional information. But anyway, you can be sure that your order will be translated by highly educated and experienced specialists within a reasonable time and at a reasonable price.

Emily Green, USA

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Laura Butler, Ireland

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