Interpretation Services in Phone Calls

Interpretation of telephone negotiations is a teleconference with an interpreter and constitutes a separate kind of the interpretation. Modern communicative and IP technologies allow organizing a conference between interlocutors who are in different cities and even countries. A client does not need to go to our translation firm or invite an interpreter. Everything he or she needs is to present a telephone number of the person, with whom the telephone conversation will be, and estimated time of the call. The telephone interpretation services can be used to communicate with foreign partners, colleagues, friends or partners anywhere in the world.

The notion of a conference call means consultation or negotiation of several persons in one place. At that, participants of the conference can be in the same building as well as in different cities. The conference call with the help of telephone network is called a teleconference. It can be organized either via traditional communicative equipment or more advanced IP-technologies.

Phone Interpretation Stages

While phone interpreting, the conference call is organized by our translation firm as follows:

1. Our manager obtains all the needed information from a client including telephone numbers of the client and his contractor and the exact time of the call. It takes one hour to perform all necessary activities to prepare a teleconference. A minimum time call lasts 10 minutes. A cost of the teleconference is calculated according to interpretation tariffs. One minute of the phone interpretation, at average, costs 50 rubles including a trunk/international call fee.

2. At the specified time, the client, his contractor, and our interpreter establish contacts with each other with the help of our conference call equipment that allows them simultaneously to hear each other. Then everything depends upon the interpreter.

Finally, the phone interpretation with the help of the conference call does not demand from the interpreter to appear in client’s office, or client’s presence in our translation firm. This fact will help to save time and money, since translation of e-mail correspondence will cost higher and take more time.

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