Language contact in sport

Sport has always taken an important role for different nations and peoples. Main sporting events of global implication do not go without the translation from English into Russian.

Translation of sports texts for us, first of all, means commentators activity during sports events. Interpreting bears equal importance as the main mean for sportsmen, journalists, and coaches to communicate, since here we face the single-discipline interpretation, either consecutive or simultaneous. But our main target is the translation of sports texts, articles, news, and catalogues.

We can also perform the translation of sports goods, which requires from a translator to combine the skills of advertiser, sportsman, and translator contemporary. Not all the professional sports translators can impress with excellent terminology and past sports experience, some of them are not even greatly interested in the sport, but it on no account means poor quality of our translations. Over the last years this kind of translation has become even more important and got ambitious sizes. Our translators use not only their excellent experience, but also special sports glossaries.

Almost every sport contains its characteristic terms and definitions. They can be called “sports slang”, because these words have so strongly come into general use among sportsmen and coaches, that they do not use other words to denote particular phenomena. It is impossible to imagine the sports translation without notice to not only context, but also to the specialized vocabulary.

There are some difficulties concerning the English to Russian sports translation. The first one is a correspondent transcription or transliteration of terms and proper names. English and Russian sounds not only differ in sounding, a number of the English vowels and consonants do not even have their direct counterparts in the Russian language. These are such sounds as, for instance, [x] and [a]. It is not possible and needed to render a foreign sports term into other language directly in the same way. Every language has its own characteristic features that can not be reproduces in other languages.

Megan Wood, USA

My company was a pleasure to work with RTS. Today not every website is able to provide with such good services in time and cost effective.

Andrew Smith, England

No one company agreed to translate my text on endocrinology. Thanks to Russian Translation Services I did it well and in time.