Legal Translation

A legal briefs translation is one of the most difficult kinds of translation, since usual skills and professional qualities are not enough to perform an adequate and proper translation of legal materials. A translator must have special knowledge in the legislative field, be familiar with the legislation in effect in both countries, know legal terminology, and understand rules of its usage. In virtue of their purpose, legal briefs and all legal documents in general must be precise, accurately drawn up, and reliable, since they determine forms and means of actions, rules of disputable issues decisions, and principles for conduct in particular situations.

As for different aspects concerning the legal terms, we can single out the following fields of the legal translation: international law, corporate law, contract law, taxation law, commercial law, and procedural law. Sometimes a term, that has a particular meaning in the sphere of contractual law, can have an absolutely different meaning, if we speak about the legislation within the international law.

A polysemy of legal terms can create ambiguity in a target text. Despite the fact that any term must be characterized by its monosemy, legal terms can imply multiple meanings because of different historical and social factors. The question is that the legal terminology include polysemantic words that have not only the legal meaning, but also some other interpretations in different spheres of life. This phenomenon is unavoidable, that is why legal translators face more serious requirements.

The legal briefs translation from English into Russian is a diligent process. Even the smallest, in layman’s terms, mistakes can distort the meaning of the whole text and provide the parties of the document with negative consequences. Such important documents as legal contracts and legal briefs require a particular attention and rich experience from a translator, because these qualities help clients to avoid possible legal problems. Our translation firm is able to perform the translation of your legal materials from English into Russian within a reasonable period and at reasonable prices.

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