Legal Translators for Law Firms

When legal translation is necessary?

Almost any relationship between public authorities, companies and private entrepreneurs and also their cooperation with individuals is accompanied by study and preparation of documents. Such documents can both carry the standards and requirements of governing relationship of this kind and consolidate the results of relations between the parties. For example, transactions and contracts with foreign partners, acquisition of real estate abroad, participation in court proceedings, legal assistance in accordance with international conventions and much more. Related documents contain a wealth of information from the field of legislation and law.

Translation services from English to Russian work with any legal texts.

Jurisprudence is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and at the same time demanded topic of translation. Thanks to our legal translation services people, living in different countries and speak different languages, as well as organizations that are on opposite sides of the State border, are able to share information of legal nature.

To work with such materials a translator should have perfect knowledge of the languages, which are used in the project language pair, properly use a vocabulary, as well as have knowledge of the legal systems of States, the jurisdiction of which includes the documents. In addition, a translator is required to have an ability to navigate intricacies of writing section used in the legal and legislative documents, with all its formulaic structures and linguistic clichés.

Legal translation services provide translation of such documents:

• the laws and regulations;
• constitutive and corporate documents of legal entities, contracts and agreements;
• procedural documents (claims, lawsuits protocols, etc.);
• special literature from the field of law;
• a variety of certificates, power of attorney, etc.

When performing legal translations, attention is paid to such aspects:

1. The use of specific legal terms exactly as intended, as well as the selection of the closest analogue within the meaning of a term in the target language, when there is detection of problem of terms with many definitions or full / partial absence of some definitions in the legal system of one of the countries;
2. The correct use of the Latin terms, phrases, clichés, complicated grammatical structures and large figures of speech, which are rare in everyday speech.

On this basis, we can say that in legal translation a particularly important part is to convey the accurately the form and meaning of each article/statement in the translated text as inaccurate translation of a legally significant text and even the slightest inconsistency in interpretation of the special terms can have far-reaching negative legal consequences. A translator is required to be scrupulous and erudite in the field of legislation and law (of both domestic country and country where the document was drawn up).

While working with translation of legal texts, different agreements or power of attorney, experts of translation services collate the translated text with the thematic dictionaries, glossaries and other legal and judicial documents or specialized publications and, if necessary, consult with legal practitioners. Such consultations and subsequent changes in finished translation allow the most accurate and optimally adapt the content of any legal text to existing legal norms of a certain state.

Legal Translation Quality Assurance

Our translation services guarantee customers a professional approach to work with any legal texts and confidentiality of your data, which we get, processing your order. Each translation will be subject to thoroughly editing for consistency of terminology and text conformity with the legal system of the country where the document will be used.

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