Literary Translation in the Modern World

Translating from a foreign language, a specialist creates a new text, since a general meaning of a text depends upon a meaning of single words composing it. A translator must not only know these words, but also feel them and original intentions of an author. That is why creative translation is considered to be one of the most difficult kinds in the translation industry. Translators, who deal with it, must be writers, to some extent. This fact was confirmed during the previous centuries, when the best translation examples in the world literature were executed by famous writers.

Creative translation differs from technical translation with the fact that translators must not render a literal sense only. Undoubtedly, a creative translator must be familiar with culture and mental structure of target audience, otherwise they will not understand author’s intention, ideology, style and peculiar language, as well as a general climate in a book. By the way, these things are very important to understand a book and an author.

That is why reading perfectly translated work, we simply get satisfaction without any thoughts that the text was written in a foreign language. Another important thing is that readers’ perception depends greatly upon undertone, national culture, and other factors that must be considered by translators. Moreover, a translation process must be preceded by careful examination of original materials. After it, everything is in translator’s hands. It is he or she who chooses appropriate equivalents for words, arranges translated thoughts clearly and interestingly, as well as communicates with target audience. The creative translation means not only work with fiction and poetry, it also deals with scientific articles and books, publicist materials, and advertising.

In conclusion, creative translation is applied always when rendering of just a literal sense is not enough. A translator must both perfectly know the target language and be ready to render its idiomatic components, pun, stylistic devices, and expressive means. We can guarantee that our translators have all these necessary skills that will result in the perfect quality of target texts.

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