Marketing Translation

When a company has successfully developed its own product and reached a target audience within its native market, it is high time for it to enter global markets. But it can be possible only after the products are translated and localized of for foreign markets. These processes are very important and imply several peculiar moments.

First of all, customers of translation services must define their target audience, since its age, characters, social status, and even sex influences the language of translation. As a rule, an audience depends upon a product, but there are different exceptions that must be paid attention to.

Secondly, digital marketing materials must be rendered by translators, who are not only specialists in the given subject, but also have perfect knowledge of both source and target languages. Subject knowledge is very important because it helps to economize on time and efforts to find appropriate equivalent to that or another linguistic element.

Thirdly, the translation of such materials will be of a higher quality, if a customer will provide translators with already translated background materials concerning the subject of original materials. Rendered brochures, Internet-sites and other materials will help to preserve the same style and unify terminology in all the materials of a customer’s company.

Another important and useful moment is a glossary that will establish final translation variants for crucial terms and phrases. It is worth mentioning that this document must be created before the beginning of a translation process and is reasonable only for large texts.

Finally, just translated materials are not ready to be introduced in the foreign market. In this situation, these materials must be localized taking into account cultural and social peculiarities of a target country. The necessity of localization results from the fact that marketing materials abound with different idioms, cultural references, and customs, that are incomprehensible in case of word-for-word translation. Such situations can be solved, if translators replace these peculiar elements with their contextual equivalents in the target language.

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