Medical translation of homeopathy treatment

For today homeopathy is practiced all over the world. This type of treatment is widely known among the CIS countries.

It’s very important to provide translation in the field of homeopathy professionally, qualitatively and as rapidly as possible (but it shouldn’t affect the quality). The content of documents of a medical nature is very important to reproduce accurately and without mistakes. All titles, abbreviations, fine print and numbers must be specified correctly in translation. Since any mistake can lead to irreparable negative results, which are linked to health or to problems with understanding the product characteristics, information, articles, instructions etc. Also these features refer to medical tests, certificates because these documents are directly related to human health.

For achieving effective results it’s necessary to use services provided by qualified translators with great experience in medical translation and who perfectly oriented in medical terminology. Also Russian translators use handbooks, dictionaries, reference materials and consultations with specialists about translation for resolving different problems, such as many abbreviations, medical concepts and terms.

Translation services in the field of homeopathy are required by both physical persons (patients) and medical facilities, including international clinics and pharmacists, for translation of different medical documentation.

When medical translation services are needed:

• consultations in health clinics (translation of diagnosis, homeopathic treatment, medical records, translation of patient checkup results, documentation of patient care etc.);
• registration of medicines (medical translation of patient checkup and testing results etc.);
• translation of documentation of medical equipment.
What medical documents are translated:
• medical reports, extract from patient’s medical files, doctor’s records etc.;
• clinical protocols, materials of clinical trials, medicines certificates etc.;
• registration records for medicines registration;
• medical questionnaires, service manuals, product marking;
• medical monograph, articles, scientific reports;
• specialized clinical, toxicological, pharmaceutical information;
• contracts and insurance reports.

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