Medical Translation

A medical translation is one of the most peculiar and, therefore, the most difficult kinds. Specialists of our translation firm have a rich experience in this field and can properly translate every medical record: from a small medical analysis to a large and fundamental medical research. In other words, we are able to perform the translation of any complexity at reasonable prices.

The medical translation must be executed professionally, qualitatively, and in a very short time that does not decrease the quality. We understand that the content of your medical records must be rendered without any mistakes. All the contractions, inscriptions, as well as figures must be adequately rendered in a target text, since even the smallest mistake in medical records can result in misunderstandings or unacceptable health risks for patients.

Costs for the translation of medical records depend upon a difficulty of a text under translation, its urgency, additional requirements, and abundance of terms. Medical translations assume extra charges to the extent of 20-30%. As for our translation firm, you will be surprised by our reasonable prices and high quality of the target texts. Pay attention that a document can be smaller than a single custom page, but its costs will be calculated according to the costs for a custom page in a medical sphere.

If you want to inquire the costs of translation, send us your documents and our managers will answer you as soon as possible. And do not forget to indicate additional requirement and timeframe to the translation, if any. Also, there can be a necessity to notarize the target texts, which will take additional charges.

Also, the costs are calculated according to an actual number of custom pages. It is worth mentioning that the urgency of medical records translation from English into Russian influences the costs. For example, the translations that must be performed faster than usual timeframe will be estimated in accordance with double tariffs.

Sometimes there is a need to authorize medical records translations. It is necessary if you are said to provide an official translation in a medical institution. In this case, a notary officer files together the original and target texts and certifies them by a signature. The signature affirms a personality of a translator who previously verified the quality of the translation by his or her own signature.

Laura Butler, Ireland

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Megan Wood, USA

My company was a pleasure to work with RTS. Today not every website is able to provide with such good services in time and cost effective.