Multilingual Market Research

Depending on the customer’s choice, multilingual support can include:

• creation of a multilingual call center;
• virtual sales department;
• localization and translation services for any material required for a multilingual audience;
• marketing research and market analysis.

Multilanguage support is a flexible service. It is suitable both for fresh beginnings, which are just preparing to enter a new market, as well as for experienced companies with a multilingual audience.

Advantages of multilingual market research

1. If you have a need to build international communication, but have no experience in its implementation, we will create an infrastructure for you from the ground up and describe the processes.
2. If you have your own communication and the IT infrastructure supporting it, we can integrate into them.
3. You don’t have to invest a lot of money into the start, and it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the work already in the early stages;
4. You will achieve the desired result in a short time.

What is the importance?

1. Multilingual support closes the most important need for business development — communication with international clients and partners. They will at any time, in a way convenient for them, in their native language be able to contact you and get a solution. And you will save and increase the key indicator of business profitability — customer loyalty.

2. We will help to get new clients where it is most difficult to do — in other countries. The creation of a sales department in a new market, with its specifics and peculiarities, is not an easy task, entailing large expenses: it’s necessary to find people, provide them with working conditions, supervise their work, and pay it in foreign currency. We offer a solution that doesn’t require much time and extra expenses.

3. You will build a competent marketing policy. The economic and cultural characteristics of any new region require their approach in communication with customers. In order for it to work effectively, research and constant monitoring of the market are necessary. We will conduct them for you and provide the necessary information for planning and launching marketing activities.

4. Your customers will always have up-to-date information about your new offers, products and services. And we perform the labor-consuming process of adapting materials to different markets. Your websites, social networks, blogs, marketing materials will be promptly and qualitatively translated taking into account the cultural characteristics of the audience.

5. Language barriers no longer interfere with communicating with partners. You can easily conduct telephone conversations, skype conferences or presentations with customers and partners from different countries.

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