Normative Translation Requirements

Following the codes of conduct is a necessary condition for a successful business and quiet life. Their knowledge helps to predict the consequences of certain actions. Normative documents are compiled and published in an official language of a country of origin.

In our time, every «sigh» of a company is documented, so the workflow of large organizations has significant scale. There are many types of normative documents that contain characteristics of different types of activities, and also describe its results. In addition, this may involve internal processes. For example, the codes of conduct regulate relationship between an employee and managers, fix provisions on labor safety and much more.

For full-fledged activities of companies, their registration in the relevant official institutions is required. A necessary documentation package includes the codes of conduct of an organization. When a company enters the international level, it becomes necessary to duplicate some normative documents in another language, since they’re submitted in an official language of a host country. When promoting products to the foreign market, translation of normative documents to English is mandatory. Therefore, for the registration of Russian representations in other states or foreign countries — in Russia certified translation will be required.

Another common reason for codes of conduct translation to English and other languages is conclusion of partnership agreements abroad or attraction of foreign investment capital.

The codes of conduct reflect all the main aspects of an organization: a structure, tasks and functions in the targeted and related fields of activity, the rights and obligations of co-sponsors, methods and norms for regulating relationships with customers and partners, an order of income distribution, liquidation or reorganization conditions and other issues. It refers to the legal subject. Translation of the company’s codes of conduct to English and even language-related language systems is a complex and important task.

Quality of translation is determined by many regulatory factors, among which we can distinguish the following:

• a matching genre and style;
• semantic proximity of translation;
• a pragmatic factor in choosing a translation option;
• execution of translation tasks.

To translate the codes of conduct, a translator should be not only familiar with the type of activity of a contracting authority, but also orient in the legal field. There is responsibility to adapt a text of a document to the relevant international legal requirements. Legislative acts are distinguished by a characteristic style, which is very important to preserve in translation. A huge influence on the meaning of texts of laws renders each comma and word order. A text uses a special legal vocabulary and traditional, established language. Some words, beyond recognition, change their meaning when used in laws.

Since the legislation in different countries can differ significantly, a translator must consult notaries, as well as customers themselves. Special labor is given to translation of those concepts that aren’t provided by the normative aspects of translation. In this case, a specialist should be most clear, but without going beyond the framework of style, explain the essence with help of a description.

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If it’s necessary to translate the codes of conduct, it’s better to turn to experienced specialists, because they often contain important information. Wrong translation or slight distortion of the meaning can badly affect not only reputation, but also lead to losses instead of profits.

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