Notarized Translation

When clients order translation of a document or a text in a translation firm, they may demand from this firm to certify an executed translation through either notarization or its own stamp. Such a certification confirms a fact that the translation was performed by an educated specialist.

Certified translation can be necessary for legal bodies while translating contracts, charters, orders, and different agreements. Individuals use services of certified translation, when they intend to move abroad, enter into a marriage with a foreigner, or receive treatment abroad. Certified translation results in the fact that such translated materials come into force and can be used as official documents.

Notarization process has a number of peculiarities. Crossed out words, corrections, and other mistakes can lead to serious problems for clients. That is why this task must be performed only by specialists with appropriate experience and qualification.

Qualified translators allow performing translations fully preserving their original structure. A special attention is always paid to transliteration of proper names and right rendering of dates and numbers. These, for the first sight, inessential peculiarities are very important in certified translation. Taking into account that any mistake can negatively influence the whole text, all the translations are checked by editors.

In general, certified translation is not a difficult task. Due to characteristic patterns and set phrases, this translation is executed within a reasonable span of time. Apart from previously mentioned peculiarities, these materials abound with geographical names and names of official bodies and stamps.

There is another way to notarize translated materials – with a stamp of a translation firm. In fact, this process differs from a notarized translation with the fact that target materials are notarized by the stamp of a translation firm, rather than by that of a notary office. These stamps do not validate translations, only affirms the fact that this translation was performed by a special translation firm. At the same time, such translations are accepted both in embassies and in different governmental institutions.

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