Peculiarities of Marketing Translation

Marketing materials are information texts, articles, and pieces of news. A marketing translation implies a non-conventional approach of a translator. Translated materials must be concise, bright, and emotional.

A situation, when a marketing consultant or a product specialist speaks fluently a foreign language, is not a rarity. At the same time, it is one thing to translate private correspondence and solve business issues but it is totally another thing to create a marketing text and market a product abroad. Here, single knowledge of a foreign language is not enough. The main thing in a marketing translation is to adequately anticipate a way target audience will perceive translated materials. This situation is possible, if translators are familiar with customs, traditions, and social peculiarities of the audience. That is why marketing materials are recommended to be translated mainly by native speakers of a foreign language. There is nothing to say about freelancers and inexperienced translators – they will not cope with this difficult and reliable task.

Marketing is quite a peculiar field. It can be difficult to find an appropriate translator for such materials, but clients can do it in different translation firms. But be careful, since some firms assign technical or other translators to perform the rendering of marketing materials. It is a big mistake, since they do not understand that a marketing sphere is a broad and reliable theme that must be translated only by educated and professional specialists.

Executing marketing translation, one should take into account final product consumers and their peculiarities, rather than follow strict correspondence of words and phrases in a target text. A marketing translation is one of those kinds of translation, which does not aim to a complete exactness. To be more precise, the exactness here is understood in a bit different way, since a content and pragmatic value of a text is more valuable than its form.

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