Peculiarities of Translation of Taglines and Slogans

For the most productive and organic communication with foreign clients, you need advertising materials that are correctly translated to a native language of your interlocutor. Also, for your services or products presented abroad, it’s necessary to have adequately translated accompanying information, translation of taglines, slogans and instructions of goods in a customer’s language. In order not to get trapped, it’s also necessary to conduct a preliminary linguistic examination of a name that you use. There are a lot of cases when foreign names turned out to be curious for any particular country. In today’s world, foreign companies are actively developing the vast Russian market, and our companies are also striving to take a worthy place in the international market. Such trends clearly illustrate the popularity of translation of taglines and slogans in our time.

Companies that build their own business on advertising development, studying the advertising market, introducing more and more new products brought from different countries of the world, regularly face the problem of translation. And then, of course, a lot of problems arise. After all, taglines and slogans are targeted at the audience, which speaks one or another language. In order for literal translation to Russian or vice versa, translation of Russian taglines and slogans to a foreign language doesn’t lead to distortion of the meaning of a translated text, it’s necessary to contact knowledgeable professionals. Our translation services are ready to provide you translation of taglines and slogans. Our translators work with advertising texts in different languages, so as a result, a customer receives qualitative translation done.

Translation of taglines and slogans has a number of features known to translators who specialize in them. Such texts are rich in specific vocabulary, and a translator should be aware of the techniques used in writing advertising texts. Such texts are specifically designed to make clients willing to apply for a product or service to your company. A translator should pay attention to local traditions, pay attention to the customs and mentality of the audience. Without all of this, translators risk to obtain from their text not that they originally intended. To obtain a truly effective taglines and slogans, it’s necessary to take into account the totality of features of a language and culture of the population of a place to which translation is addressed.

Translation services have rich experience in translation of taglines and slogans. In their work our translators use the terminology necessary for translation of this kind of documentation. Familiar with the basics of marketing, our experts will provide the weight to promotional materials that is necessary to promote your brand.

Laura Butler, Ireland

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