Personal Materials Translation

Translation services have become an integral part of the modern life in the whole world. They raise the possibility of international cooperation in different fields. Some companies employ professional translators on the staff, other hire specialists from translation firms that offer qualified services to render different materials from English into Russian.

But, there are cases when a person needs to hire a personal translator. First of all, such services are necessary in business trips abroad. Businessmen hire professional translators to conduct talks with foreign partners both in foreign and native countries.

Secondly, personal translators are much-in-demand for different business meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. For example, a person decides to participate in a conference that can be attended by a great number of prospective foreign partners. In this situation, translators provide their clients with aid package both in real-life communication and in translating written materials (they deal with resolutions, booklets, programs, and presentations).

Thirdly, personal translators are hired to follow clients during cultural and recreational activities. Clients or their guests are in need of such translation services to live in a foreign culture and take part in festive events.

Clients can be sure that, apart from perfect knowledge of the foreign language, brilliant skill to comprehend the spoken language, endurance, self-confidence, as well as trained voice and pronunciation, qualified translators must have nice appearance and excellent communicative skills. In case of need, clients can hold an interview with prospective translators to check their qualification and choose an appropriate specialist.

Specialists from our translation firm have a perfect education and experience, which results in the fact that they provide the translation services only of the highest quality. Despite from these characteristic features, we can guarantee that all the translated services are provided at a reasonable price. To acquire all the necessary information our clients must just connect one of our managers, who will answer any arising question.

Jennifer Morel, Australia

I was impressed by quality and speed of this Service. It is unreal, but it is truth.

Laura Butler, Ireland

RTS was helpful when I almost lost a hope to get a visa. Simultaneously, the price-list is enough democratic one!