Post-Editing Services

Services of machine automatic translation have been gaining more popularity with every passing day. Despite complex algorithms, existing programs are not able to translate a text correctly, in every sense of the word. That is why many translation firms offer cheap but effective service – post-editing.

Use of free computer translators is an ordinary case, since the professional translational services are very expensive. But texts after the machine translation are almost always stylistically incorrect, which results in sense distortion. That is why it is much easier and cheaper to buy the professional post-editing services. They are often used in writing graduation and scientific works, filling web-sites, and for illustrative purposes.

As a rule, it is senseless to translate literary or advertising texts with the help of computer programs only and then send them to the post-editing. This service is used only for personal purposes. In other words, it allows a client to understand an essence of the text, find important information in the text, and further work with the obtained materials individually.

Depending on financial possibilities, a client himself or herself chooses a quality of the machine translation post-editing. It can be a slight proofreading with improvement of punctuation or deep editing in order to achieve the better understanding of the whole text. This service will help to eliminate such mistakes as stylistic and grammatical ones as well as sense distortions.

It is worth mentioning that an editor does not closely compare original and target texts. As a result, if a machine translated text contains an incorrigible mistake, the editor can not correct it. A close reviewing against the original is considered equivalent to the professional translation with much higher price. A machine translated text will be edited only if a source text contains minimum grammatical and spelling mistakes.

If you need to improve a machine translated text within the shortest possible time, our translation firm is ready to perform this task for you. We execute the professional machine translation post-editing of any volume. Also, we will help to improve your text, which will allow you to understand its essence and use it for personal purposes.

Jacob Haase, Germany

This company has real native Russian speakers, so it explains the high speed of order execution.

Sarah Allen, England

You can safely choose Russian Translation Services. I got qualitative translation of my very difficult text.