Processing of Graphical Elements during Translation

A process of translation implies not only the work with written texts but also with such graphical elements as photographs, images, tables, diagrams, and drawings. Sometimes the work of a translator is only to translate all the inscriptions and written materials from them while all the technical adjustments are to be made by a make-up editor. This variant is the best for the translator because he or she must only perform the common activities with written materials.

In other cases the translator himself or herself must perform all the necessary procedures. First of all, all the written information must be extracted from a graphical element, then translated into the target language, and finally inserted into the graphic element in accordance with rules and traditions of the target culture. This process is called a page makeup that means not only the insertion of inscriptions into the graphical elements but also general improvement of the document external look since it also covers others peculiarities of the translation appearance.

In other words, the page makeup is an arrangement of all the images, paragraphs, titles, as well as design elements according to the original variant or customer’s requests. Such arrangements can also be necessary if a volume of the translated text does not correspond to that of the original variant, which creates difficulties during the translation appearance.

But in our translation firm, all the manipulations with the graphical elements are performed by professional and highly educated make-up editors since the translators must focus strictly on the translation itself. The editors keep abreast of such modern computer programs for proofing and mocking as Page Maker, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and so on. They are real experts and can perform all the required adjustments within a reasonable period. But the most widespread variant is the work with PDF files.

So our translation firm offers not only the translation of the highest quality to the clients but also high standards of its appearance. The costs for these services are calculated according to the number of processed pages, with numbers of printed characters and images making no difference.

Kevin Lechner, Belgium

I sent a big term paper and did not expect such a quick reply with the ready term paper in Russian!

Andrew Smith, England

No one company agreed to translate my text on endocrinology. Thanks to Russian Translation Services I did it well and in time.