Professional Translation for Managers

Translation in management is one type of services, which consists in translation of different documents of economic theme for companies, which interact with foreign partners. The most frequent organizations, which use translation services in management, are insurance organizations, banks, leasing companies, large industrial and commercial corporations. Modern conditions of economics development make certain requirements to staff, who today takes part in commercial activity and recruited, in particular to the employed staff of translation services and managers.

For top-level managers knowledge of English is required in process of work and for self-education, when it’s necessary to work through information sources in a foreign language, without asking translation services for help.

On the level of economics activity, often international, when it comes to the issues of the top management, it’s necessary to involve translation services, which are able to perform high-quality and specialized financial and legal translation of documentation, often with notarization (to provide a legal force of documents and translations).

Negotiation process involves Russian translators, who can perform consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

The main objectives of such translation can be:

• business correspondence;
• underlying accounting documentation in 1C software;
• invoices, cancellation of materials;
• preparation of reports;
• office expenses, payment documents circulation;
• reports of vacation, compensatory time off, overtime;
• application for visas, invitations, registrations for foreign employees.

The main feature of translation in management is the large number of figures, formulas and their dependencies, economic definitions in documents, which are required in this type of translation. For that reason an important factor is when person, who carries out this type of translation, has a supplementary economic education.

Andrew Smith, England

No one company agreed to translate my text on endocrinology. Thanks to Russian Translation Services I did it well and in time.

Kevin Lechner, Belgium

I sent a big term paper and did not expect such a quick reply with the ready term paper in Russian!