Professional Translation of Insurance Documents

Insurance – common and widely available service, which becomes more and more popular among the population. People want to be ready for unpleasantness, which may happen to them. No wonder many of them need insurance translation to a foreign language. Translation of insurance documents to Russian is needed by individuals and legal entities. Individuals need it for life and property insurance and also for execution of travel vouchers. And it helps legal entities to conduct their commercial activity or charitable work. For example, often it’s necessary to insure different products, goods or goods in transit.

Translation of insurance documents is most often needed:

• by companies, dealing with transport operations;
• if company’s activity is directly related to international insurance;
• for submission of claims for damages (for example, after a traffic accident or another accident, which occurred abroad)
• at the stage of assessment of the insurance feasibility.

Translation services, in fact, are required by all companies and individuals, if their work is related to international activity; for example, to cargo transportation or renting of the property, tourist journeys.

Translation to Russian isn’t always provided by the insurance company because there is a risk of making a mistake. A document must comply with the laws of the country, for which it is being prepared. And this requires understanding of all legal technicalities of legal system. It’s better to reach out to services of professional legal translation. In this case, the risk of mistakes occurrence completely dissipates.

These types of translation of insurance documents can be implemented through translation services:

• translation of insurance policies and certificates;
• translation of insurance programs, rules and contracts;
• translation of certificates and documents for executing payments;
• translation of protocols and assessment documents;
• translation of expert reports, conclusions and annexes to them.

In some cases, it’s impossible to perform detailed and accurate translation; that’s why specialists have to provide detailed explanations to some expressions. Such a task is only accomplishable by a lawyer, who understands law peculiarities and knows a foreign language perfectly. One more difficulty is the existence of terms, which have several variants of translation. It’s very important to find the right analogue. Unless this is done, it will be quite difficult to prove a point at the time of judicial proceedings.

It’s necessary to have knowledge in other fields; most often in medical and technical fields.

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