Qualitative Translation Services in Tourism

Communication and information sharing in an increasingly globalizing world are multiplied daily. More and more people are interested in traveling. People discover new countries, across borders to get to know a new culture and try a new way of life. There are more opportunities to travel: from low cost-up airlines to the most modern and fast ground transportation.

The tourism industry, which includes food, accommodation and transportation services, has always had a high level of competition. In this sector a variety of companies work: travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, airlines, tour guides, etc.

Thousands of tourists and professionals, who work in the field of tourism, need translation services. Professionals of the tourism industry and travel translation agencies are interested in having people who speak different languages to be better informed about the new tourism services and products. It’s about such kinds of tourism as adventure tourism, eco-tourism, urban tourism, hiking, hot air ballooning, gastronomic tourism, etc.

Regardless of native country, tourists feel more comfortable when they can get access to desired information in their own language. This is information about services such as hotel booking, restaurant reservations, participation in excursions, shopping in stores or car rental.

Travel companies use a variety of ways to distinguish themselves from the number of competitors. One of the most important ways to do this — to send a message to all potential clients regardless of the language they speak.

Tourist translation aims to meet the growing information needs of the tourism industry. The purpose and task of the tourist translation is to clearly convey the original message, to attract and convince a potential customer.

The main directions of tourist translation

Translation of web-sites. Perhaps translation of web-sites is the most important part for tourism, especially in light of the current expansion of online media. Travel companies should use their web-sites to offer prices, the possibility of reservations and other information and services. That’s why the content of the website should be translated qualitative. It’s better to translate the tourism web-site, at least to the most common languages. Selection of a language is largely dependent on the native countries of tourists, who usually visit the site. In any case, the tourism web-site should be dynamic. Its contents should be improved and updated.

Menu translation. For cafes and restaurants in the tourism areas menu translation to several languages is vital. Through translation, visitors will be able to easily understand the essence of each dish before they make your choice. Translated menu provides additional comfort for tourists, as well as making restaurant memorable and enhances its reputation.

Translation of restaurant menu is more difficult job than it might seem. Such work requires a specialized gastronomic translator, who possesses knowledge on the cuisine in the restaurant and specificities of the country, resident of which translation is addressed to.

Translation menu refers to specialized translation. Translation of products names, dishes or cooking processes in different languages requires a particular area of translator’s specialization.

Translation of tourist brochures. Translation of brochures, catalogs, leaflets, tourist guides is an important aspect in successful work of cultural spaces such as museums, exhibitions, theaters. Translation of tourist museums and exhibitions brochures is an instrument that allows foreign tourists to understand and enjoy visiting different cultural places.

The relevance of tourism translation

Translation services in touristic bureau are needed and relevant. Today, all over the world travel market is experiencing growth. Tourism has a positive impact on the economy. Translations in the field of tourism are very important for the image and economy of a country.

96% of people prefer information in their own language. Therefore, if you want to attract new customers, you should refer to them in their language. Collaboration with tourism translation agency allows representatives of the tourism industry to overcome the difficulties and language barriers when interacting with customers. Translation services enable travel agencies, shops, restaurants, hotels and other participants in the travel industry constantly expand their audience and keep the trust of customers.

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