Role of Translation in Education and Training

Process of translation has entered a lot of life spheres since interlingual connections exist there. The translation in the spheres of training and education, in a broad sense, can refer to fields of pre-school, supplementary, main, secondary, special, and higher education. In the strict sense the term can be used to describe translation activities applied in schools alone. A translator in the given spheres is a professional with higher education with an appropriate specialization. Additional language courses with advanced specialty options are encouraged.

Such translators follow general ethical and language principles for all the translators from English into Russian. The main purpose of the translation is to provide equal access to information for both parties regardless of their mother-tongue. It is only a neutral and confidential mediation between people of different cultures and languages.

The translators of education and training materials are only in charge of the translation itself and in no case of student evaluation, as well as the evaluation of lecturers and other members of teaching staff.

Depending on the place of employment the translators can be supposed to perform also other duties, such as individual aid, consulting, and other. In this case they must have an additional qualification besides the professional education. Moreover, these attached duties must be previously discussed and fixed in an employment agreement. The different responsibilities must be strictly differentiated by both parties to the agreement.

The translators` responsibilities can not be easily limited to the process of translation itself, they also cooperate with members of the teaching staff to create the most adequate translations, participate in staff meetings, as well as spread the information about the made translations among students and lecturers.

Working hours of the translators in the spheres of education and training vary according to different circumstances, but in general they must not exceed 20 hours per week or a half of the office hours. Time left must be used for other tasks.

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