Russian Translation for Professionals in Journalism

This type of translation is more than in great demand on the market of translation services. When working with journalistic materials, only a professional translator, possessing necessary experience of translation of such texts, can get work done qualitatively. Nevertheless, translation services in journalism are always difficult to assess correctly with regard to the possibility of significant deviations from literal translation of the original text. It’s not a coincidence that one and the same text, being translated by different specialists, can make an absolutely different impression on readers. So a lot of translators confirm that translation in journalism is basically a creation of new literary works. Here many things are defined by inspiration, subjective understanding of the original text and the depth of the source read analysis.

Translation in journalism can be performed only by translators, who perfectly know foreign language, including the most common dialects; in some cases there can be about ten dialects. And it’s only the main ones, which are often used nowadays. In addition to language skills, for high-quality translation a translator needs to grasp the subtle concept of the text in general and fully experience all emotions, which the author wanted to convey, paying attention to each word. And, of course, translator should get it down on paper without skipping any single detail. That is the only way how good results can be received.

In this category translation services to Russian are provided translation of the materials listed below:

• advertising texts;
• public speaking;
• letters;
• scripts;
• works of fiction;
• manuscripts and author’s groundwork;
• scientific works and dissertations;
• newspaper and journal articles;
• slogans and trademarks;
• comics, graphic novels;
• other journalistic materials.

Besides literary texts, specialists of translation services in journalism work with other texts. It can be popular scientific articles and books, epistolary works (correspondence, memoirs of cultural personalities, art and politics workers etc.), publicism (critique, literature study etc.), advertisements and audio materials.

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