Russian Translation of Websites for E-commerce

The essence of specialized translation in E-commerce lies in terminological system, which combines the terms of three areas: E-commerce itself, information technologies and entrepreneurial activity.

According to statistics, the majority of consumers prefer to buy different products in their own language. Therefore, in order to achieve a global market it’s necessary to adapt the whole user interface so that it will definitely match local culture and convention. Professional translation of the website also goes hand in hand with ranking in search engines in a foreign language.

With regard to translation of the materials, related to E-commerce, it’s worth noting that terminology in the field of information technologies, on the one hand, and the terms from the field of business/economics/financial activities and entrepreneurship, on the other hand, have acquired and continue to acquire great importance. Translator only needs to have experience in this field and knowledge of specialized stylistic semantics. Often in connection with the lack of translation equivalents in the Russian language, borrowing of terms and replication in this field can be considered as reasonable methods of terms translation at that stage, when terminological system is only beginning to form by itself. Translators are often recommended to use so called descriptive method of translation of the new terms (neologisms). And before beginning work translator must analyze a text in the field of E-commerce, taking into account all attendant factors, related to translation. Such specialized knowledge of translator is treated as prerequisite that translation will be executed accurately and adequately.

A complex of Russian translation services, which meets the requirements of developers and customers as much as possible, includes all listed below paragraphs.

1. Language adaptation (localization) of any texts in the field of E-commerce.
2. Clients’ feedback. Any successful shop owner will confirm that customers’ feedback can increase coefficient of websites conversion. They also dispel persistent doubts of potential clients about any product or service and help in selecting a product. Feedback translation enables potential consumers from other countries to take advantage of experience of current customer base.
3. Product description. Product description is a key component, which provides all the necessary information to potential clients. And furthermore, these descriptions are useful in consideration of SEO strategy. Translation of descriptions helps to localize ranking in search engines.
4. Business-blogs. Blogs can raise traffic on the site. It’s an important way to promote products. Translation of the texts in a blog helps increase international traffic, which is required for expansion in sales.
5. Support service. Work with direct clients’ requests is a priority for selling rate in the international market.

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