Security in Translation Service

An informational security issue is very topical both for individual translators who use personal computers in their work and firms that carry on business in the sphere of translation.

As a rule, the question of commercial date protection is one of the most topical. But today, specialists of even smaller companies work in local networks with continuous access to such generic storage resources as dictionaries, office programs, as well as specialized software. Thus, even a short-run disturbance of the work of a corporative network and loss of insightful information can lead to serious problems.

An integrated information security of the translation industry includes several key moments. First of all, specialists provide antivirus security and effective protection against internal and external threats.

Very often the insightful information can be lost, destructed or corrupted due to a banal software virus from the Internet, rather than due to abusive actions of rivals. That is why an internal company net must be well protected against such actions. This aim is achieved through firewalls, anti viruses, and proxy servers installed only by professionals.

Another important moment is data encryption and protection against unlawful access. In order to achieve it, one must personalize the system to prohibit unauthorized persons using important information being a commercial confidentiality. The access to this information must also be blocked for employees of the translation firm, because this data is unnecessary for them to perform their personal tasks. An isolated occasion is the blocked access for those translators who do not have enough confidence from the company management and computer support service.

As experience shows, a theft of sensible information is possible due to weak protection and easy passwords. A small translation firm can use a special security system in order to provide the privacy of the significant information. It usually includes a hardware based solution with additional program products. These components provide the highest level of the informational security both for the whole system and for separate computers.

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