Social Media Translation

Before you start translating and operating a blog in a foreign language, you must be sure that you have coped with the following steps that are obligatory to achieve your marketing goals in social media platforms.

First of all, you must localize your product. The localization comprises both a translation of web-site with a product interface and localization of such additional functions as e-mail address, greeting messages, as well as password reset messages. If you work in an electronic marketplace, then you must also localize delivery and checkout pages. And do not forget about your content i.e. written texts providing main information. A proper translation of the data will establish better contacts with your prospective audience.

Secondly, you are to formulate your own strategy of work. You must set objectives and determine the way how you will measure your success. The social media translation from English into Russian has a lot of common things with creating such texts, since a translator describes some foreign phenomena with particular adjustments to the target audience. Target texts must be interesting and comprehensible for prospective buyers and consider local traditions and events.

Finally, you must remember that not only a publication of translated content is important, but also cooperation. Here you must engage users of the web-site in your product and discussions concerning it. The best way is to quickly translate commentaries and answers to them.

Peculiarities of Social Media Translation

1. Limited number of characters in one message (especially for Twitter). A translator here is to use his or her skill to translate information in a concise way, because the English and Russian languages have different structures and English phrases are shorter, as a rule.

2. Use of jargon. Many social media platforms have their own languages. A translator must take into account these set of terms and use them in the translation. Only this fact will result in a native, rather than literary translation.

3. Determine the target audience of your products. It will be better if you pay attention to possible dialectal variants of the language. It will localize your content in the most precise way.

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