Standard Translation Pages

A regulatory unity while calculating costs of translation services is a standard typewritten translation page. It comprises 30 lines with 60 type characters in each of them. Altogether, they constitute 250 words or 1800 characters with spaces. When dealing with Microsoft Word, such figures appear when a text is typed in font size 13 with a sesquialter vertical spacing. This particular number originated from the fact that printing machines allowed placing approximately 1800 characters at one single page. As a rule, a number of translation pages is calculated according to two principles: either on the basis of a source text or of a target one.

The volume of a text to be translated can be estimated in different ways. If materials are represented in electronic format, the calculation is made with the help of above mentioned Microsoft Word. This software product has a predefined function to count number of words and characters (menu “Tools” and flap “Count Word”). It is worth mentioning that a wrong formatting can lead to increased number of characters. Thus, if words are separated from each other with the help of double spaces, all the extra spaces will be meant as characters. That is why every document must be strictly formatted and aligned to avoid such situations.

When translators work with a great number of documents represented in different formats, trey can use special software products to calculate the general amount of characters. If a translator obtains a text in a print format and feels difficulties to estimate the number of characters, he or she can calculate a number of lines and average number of characters in each. Then the translator is able to estimate the number of characters in the whole document.

One should pay a great attention to the fact that the translation from English into Russian increases the number of characters with spaces by 20%, which influences largely the translation costs. According to a general point of view, every translator is able to render approximately 6-8 standard pages per day.

If you want, you may obtain more detailed information concerning translation pages and translation costs from out managers who will ask all your questions.

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