Strong Need to Translate User Manuals

Translation of user manuals and technical manuals is the task over the solution of which, suppliers of equipment with involvement of their own translation services or a translation agency have to work day to day.

User manuals are the main operational documents of the equipment, the length of which can vary from several pages to several tomes. If a product is imported, then, most likely, documentation will be compiled by a manufacturer in a foreign language and translation will be required.

When translating a user manual to Russian, it’s extremely important to involve specialized translators and editors with experience and a high level of competence in working with documentation for such equipment.

For example, to translate a technical manual onto a gearbox, a team of translators and editors are required to have following knowledge:

• the general principles of operation of this equipment;
• the difference between a gearbox and multiplier;
• the difference between a sun gear and a crown and a satellite.

Otherwise, confusion with terms and distortion of meaning will make the text unsuitable for use.

Who needs translation of manuals and instructions?

In general, technically translate something is needed by industrial enterprises, but also customers can be any legal or private individuals.

Who hires technical translators:

• a legal entity (enterprise, plant, firm) that has purchased machines, computers or any other foreign equipment without instructions and operating manuals in Russian;
• a Russian manufacturer who decided to ship a product abroad (machinery, equipment, gadgets, furniture, etc.);
• an individual who ordered household appliances, equipment, gadgets from abroad, for example, through a web-site, but not received a user’s manual in Russian.

This is an immutable requirement to the level of knowledge of a specialist, since they deal with translation of documents to technique; human life depends on correct exploitation. Only the necessary complex of knowledge in such fields as pharmacology, medical equipment, aircraft, heavy engineering, construction equipment and others guarantees adequate and error-free translation of user manuals, installation and adjustment instructions, technical descriptions and characteristics, safety instructions for equipment and products and other documents.

It’s this level of translation that is always guaranteed to you by the specialists of translation services — the employees of a company have not only linguistic, but also the second (engineering, medical, etc.) education, which allows, at the highest quality level, translating user manuals and other documentation to a wide variety of subjects, including — with involvement of narrow-profile specialists. If necessary, not only translation of a text will be performed, but the entire type of document with drawings, graphs, diagrams, etc. will be adequately reproduced.

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