Technical Translation

A datasheet is a document containing information about guarantee period of a product, its technical characteristics, as well as data concerning utilization of a product.

The translation of datasheets and product sheets is a very complex task. The fact is that a translator of such materials bears a heave responsibility, because the quality of technical translation directly influences a further performance capability and output capacity of a product. Any incorrectly used terms, designations, and ambiguous phrases can distort the meaning of original materials. That is why a translator must be familiar enough with the subject of datasheets and product sheets. The adequate and equivalent translation of such materials requires not only superficial knowledge of both target and source languages. A translator must have perfect philological knowledge and technical specification. A great advantage for a translator is if he or she has two or more educations. The stylistically correct translation of datasheets can be found in such cases, when a translator both knows structure and style of these materials and consider norms and rules peculiar to this kind of translation.

Technical documents abound with appropriate terminological word stock. Sometimes, translators are in trouble to find dictionary equivalents for them in the target language. That is why the translation of datasheets and product sheets to different foreign equipment is one of the most difficult kinds in the translation industry.

The translation is adequate and correct, if it features with such peculiarities as unified style, precisely rendered original information, structural text, as well as unemotional narration.

Here, target texts may not contain any synonyms and polysemantic terms, since they lead to misunderstanding a whole text. Performing the translation of datasheets and product sheets, specialists of our translation company always consider peculiarities of different terms that denote the same phenomenon. As a result, they manage to achieve the highest quality of translated materials. Clients can be sure that our specialists will adequately translate any order within a reasonable time.

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This company has real native Russian speakers, so it explains the high speed of order execution.

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