Translation in Technical Sphere

The developing industry, achievements of scientific and technical revolution, as well as transnational integration has led to international renewal of technical and engineering documentation. At the same time, this fact increases the importance of professional translation services.

Technical translation from English into Russian is a difficult and reliable task that can be performed only by professional specialists. This kind of translation is a top performance in the translation industry. Beginners are not able to translate instructions with technical and engineering terms, since they require special technical knowledge.

If a person has a basic linguistic education, it does not mean that he or she can perform the qualified translation in any technical branch. The main characteristic features of engineering texts are logical style, unambiguousness, and single-discipline terms. These peculiarities imply that far from every translator can cope with such difficult task as translation of technical materials. Technical terms are some kind of slang, meaning of which must be understood and correctly used. Apart from such terms, engineering texts abound with different contractions and symbols. Alternatively to literary texts, technical translation does not allow liberal interpretation, only precise translation of technical terms.

Large engineering and technical firms have a number of translators on the staff. These specialists perform the rendering of any technical materials. But the fact is that only large companies with an appropriate budget can afford themselves to employ translators and editors. Small companies, in their turn, can only hire specialists from a translation firm. This fact is very convenient, because such specialists can specialize in a particular field, which can improve the quality of target materials.

Technical translation must be performed by several workers. For example, a draft translation can be executed by a specialist who is good in the particular field, while a translator performs editing, or vice versa. The result of these activities is a qualified translation that perfectly reflects both content and external shape of source materials.

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