Technical Translation of Instructions

Translation in manufacturing industries implies a combination of foreign language proficiency and knowledge of technical vocabulary and terminology. Russian translation services provide translators with linguistic and technical education, which considerably improves quality of performed orders. With increased import of equipment, electronic devices, home appliances and other goods, demand for translation of instructions has increased significantly too.

Very often work is entrusted to non-professionals, which perform only literally accurate translation of a text. When considered an executed order at the household level, it’s obvious that an instruction doesn’t convey its direct assignment – facilitation of techniques use. If translation is performed verbatim, using specialized terminology without special explanations and adaptation in the Russian language, such translation is hard to admit as easy-to-understand information and instruction as useful.

One of the directions of translation activity is a provision of professional technical translation services. It’s no secret that when it comes to translation of technical documents, English assumes special importance. It so happened that in the age of intensive technology development, English is the most in demand.

High-quality technical translation services include:

• translation of technical instructions for industrial and trade equipment;
• translation of specialized normative documentation (Construction Norms and Regulations, GOST — State Standard, ISO and others);
• translation of protocol testing;
• translation of AutoCAD files and drawings, technological schemes etc.

It’s important to remember that for good quality translation of a technical text, above all, translator’s professionalism is really required. A translator has to possess knowledge in the field of technique and perform, if necessary, language adaptation of instructions of any equipment.

So since the leading direction of translation services is translation of technical, engineering and scientific documents, accuracy and consistency in translation of such documentation are particularly important. The highest level of correctness makes engineering translation different from translation in other fields. Inaccurate or unprofessional translation of technical specifications, patents or instruction manuals can not only undermine the reputation and brand of company – it can be extremely dangerous.

Justin Diaz, Mexico

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